Since the introduction of the NDIS, the disability industry has evolved at a rapid rate and the changing environment has presented many challenges for service providers such as competing effectively in the new customer driven environment. The Ready-Set-Connect events provide a positive environment for those working in the NDIS space to connect and collaborate with others, broaden their industry knowledge and promote their service or product.

Our Ready-Set-Connect events are delivered in speed dating format where events are timed and structured and everyone gets to meet everyone. The speed dating format has proven to be more effective for service providers in terms of promotional outcomes than the traditional expo style format.

Service providers (disability and mainstream) have the valuable opportunity to host a table enabling them to promote their services to a captive audience such as Support Coordinators, Local Area Coordinators, Teachers, Carers or similar who have direct links to NDIS participants and are looking for options to offer greater choice and control to their customers.

These events have had a successful history in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and the ACT, and due to popular demand have expanded to even more metropolitan and regional areas of Australia.

There are three different ways to be involved in a networking event:

1. Ready-Set-Connect Event Sponsor

As a Ready-Set-Connect event sponsor, your organisation will get full exposure to all those involved with the event. Your sponsorship includes: The investment for an Event Sponsor is $600 (plus GST).

2. Ready-Set-Connect Table Host

Ready-Set-Connect table hosts are organisations looking to raise their profile and generate new business through connecting with new customers. Table hosts are allocated their own table and chairs, and provide their own display which may include signage, service information and promotional giveaways. The speed dating concept ensures every event attendee will circulate past their table so they have a captive audience and an opportunity to deliver a sales pitch to each and every person. You may wish to market your whole organisation or specific areas of your business that have vacancies. Places for table hosts sell out fast as organisations see the opportunity as a fast and efficient way of reaching potential customers.

The investment for a Table Host is $200 (plus GST).

3. Ready-Set-Connect Event Attendee

Event attendees are those guests who attend with the purpose to network with others and broaden their knowledge on the local services available. These might be Support Coordinators, Local Area Coordinators, Linkers or Teachers. These guests circulate around each of the host tables gathering information from each service provider and asking any specific questions they may have for their customers. It is an efficient way to research the services and products in the local community in a matter of two hours. There is no fee attached for Event Attendees, however registration is necessary.

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