Ready-Set-Connect Hub

One Community have been working with service providers in metro and regional areas across the eastern sea board of Australia and two challenges remain consistent across all regions and service providers:

1. Connecting to the target audience and attracting new business
2. Collaborating with other service providers for better outcomes and cross referrals

One Community are working towards creating and building better networks in the disability industry to help address these challenges. To complement our highly successful Ready-Set-Connect events, we are excited to introduce our Ready-Set-Connect Hub.

The Ready-Set-Connect Hub is designed to help improve the connection between people with a disability and the service provider and their business offerings. The Ready-Set-Connect Hub is unlike other existing online directories where some service providers and businesses have been loaded from publicly available data that can be out of date and in some cases unauthorised. Service providers and businesses listed in the Ready-Set-Connect Hub are organisations that are proactive in the disability sector, are focussed on the needs of people with a disability and want to be connected. This way when a person with a disability uses the Ready-Set-Connect Hub to search for a service or business offering, they will make a connection quickly because the search results are accurate and up to date.

When your organisation becomes a Ready-Set-Connect Member you have total control over the details listed by your organisation. You have full control to manage the listed services offered by your organisation, the regions your services are offered in, and the contact details of the people responsible for each service and region. For people with a disability or those looking for services and/or business on their behalf, there’s no more ringing 1300 numbers and leaving messages or being directed to the wrong person and waiting days to get a call back.

Networks are also a critical component of success for any organisation and collaboration with other service providers will ensure your organisation’s success in the NDIS environment. When you are working within the changing environment of the NDIS, the reality is you are only as good as your networks. To stay ahead of the game, you need to have strong relationships with other trustworthy service providers whom you can collaborate with to help participants meet their goals. Furthermore word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool in the current environment, so setting up business relationships that result in cross referrals is crucial.

While most make an effort to introduce themselves to other organisations, it is the ongoing contact which remains critical. The Hub will ensure that you can continue on from our Ready-Set-Connect Events for that ongoing relationship through providing up to date contacts and a secure online forum for communication and collaboration across the entire Ready-Set-Hub membership.

To list on the Ready-Set-Connect Hub a membership must be purchased. See below for the full list of benefits associated with a Ready-Set-Connect Membership.

Membership details