About us.

Co-founders Kellie and Shelley have a combined experience of 40 years working in project and people management, both having degrees in Social Science and Management. Kellie and Shelley have been working in the disability sector in NSW for a combined 15 years. They have worked within the NDIS space from the start of the trial site period in Newcastle NSW. During this time they have developed in-depth knowledge of NDIS plans and line items, NDIS processes and have kept abreast of the many changes and trends. They have a solid understanding of the challenges faced by service providers working in the changing landscape of the disability industry, and people with a disability trying to find the right service to suit their needs.

A major challenge for service providers is working in the new customer-driven environment that relies on effectively marketing themselves and the ability to continuously connect to new business. And for people with disabilities and their families, challenges include finding the right services, connecting quickly and effectively utilising their funding.

One Community was formed to help overcome these challenges. One Community’s vision is to build the capacity of the disability industry. We do this through the implementation of strategies that connect services and people.

These strategies include:

  • Networking events that give service providers an effective platform to market themselves and attract new business
  • Technology to connect people to the right services in an efficient and hassle-free manner
  • Consultation sessions with service providers to help navigate through the NDIS space

At One Community we have a team of very passionate people who work alongside focus groups consisting of people with disabilities and service providers, to ensure that services meet the needs of the industry.

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Our Members

One Community Group Pty Ltd
PO Box 3235,
Valentine NSW 2280
ABN 48 669 725 035

Telephone Enquiries
Events: 02 4003 4875
Membership: 02 4003 4871
General Enquiries: 02 4003 4872