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Our events are interactive and time saving. They are all about sharing industry knowledge, making contacts and creating choice and control.

Currently we offer six forms of events:

1. Ready-Set-Connect: These events feature a wide range of different service providers and provide a platform for them to connect with Participants, People with a disability, Support Coordinators, Parents/ Carers, Teachers and LACs.

2. Ready-Set-Connect Innovate: These events provide a platform for providers of assistive technology and home modifications to connect with Participants, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Parents/Carers, People with a disability, Support Coordinators and LACs, to showcase their innovative products.

3. Ready-Set-Connect Transition: These events provide a platform for providers offering services and products specifically suited for students transitioning from special education schools into further education, the workplace and life after school. Providers need to be based locally and will connect with parents, carers and teachers or similar.

4. Ready-Set-Connect Recruit: These events provide a platform for providers looking to employ people in positions in their organisation/business. The events will be directly working with schools or Universities (depending on targeted demographic) and their senior students to expose them to careers in the Disability and Aged Care sectors. Providers will connect with students and/or community members.

5. Ready-Set-Connect Kids: These events provide a platform for Parents, Carers and Teachers of Children with Disabilities aged 0-9 to connect with Service Providers or to enrol in Special Education Programs/Schools.

6. Ready-Set-Connect Mental Health: These events provide a platform for organisations who provide specific Mental Health programs, services, housing or similar, to showcase their services and products to people with Mental Health, Support Coordinators, Parents, Carers and Teachers or Family Members. Organisations and/or event attendees do not have to be NDIS providers or participants to attend.

Events are delivered in two different formats

1. In a speed dating format where all attendees are 100% guaranteed to be matched with each and every table host. The speed dating format has proven to be more effective for service providers in terms of promotional outcomes than the traditional expo-style format.

2. In a virtual format, using zoom video conferencing. Table Hosts have the opportunity to make a 5-6 minute presentation about their service to the online audience. There is the opportunity for the audience to ask specific questions to each provider.

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As an Event Sponsor, your organisation will get full exposure to all those involved with the event.

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Event Table Hosts are organisations looking to raise their profile and generate new business through connecting with new customers.

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Event Attendees are those guests who attend with the purpose to network with others and broaden their knowledge on the local services available.

open quotes iconWe have participated in two of these unique networking events and have got so much out of the experience. Not only has it helped us make new connections and generate new business, but we have had so much fun connecting doing it. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to promote your business.close quotes icon

- Beth Gwalter, Managing Director, Recovery Station.

These events have a successful history all over Australia


Penrith RSC, NSW

20th June 2024
10:00 am


Brisbane RSCH, QLD

25th June 2024
10:00 am


Maitland RSCH, NSW

26th June 2024
10:00 am


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