About Kismet

Following the retirement of the Boosted app, we would like to introduce to you a new and innovative platform to help you find the right provider.

Kismet is a free shortlisting platform for Support Coordinators and Participants and their families to find service providers with availability.

Finding service providers can be a challenging and time-consuming process and technology can make it much easier and more efficient for you. The platform saves you the time researching and contacting multiple providers to check availability and will match your requirements.

The Kismet app is "human-first." In other words, when a request for a service is submitted, Kismet will first make contact with the person who submitted the request to ensure all relevant information is captured. They will then make contact with potential providers to vet them and check for availability. Finer details like language preferences are even captured to provide the best match possible.

Kismet aim to provide a verified shortlist of 3-5 providers with availability within 48 hours. Kismet also gather feedback and reviews from every match made to improve their system for future searches.

Visit the Kismet platform today to learn more about how they can help you find service providers quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on the things that matter.

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