Gold Coast Disability Accommodation Convention

The Gold Coast Disability Accommodation Convention is the first of its kind in the Gold Coast Region and will bring together SDA and SIL providers. The National Disability Insurance Scheme has provided the opportunity for people with a disability to live independently in a supported and safe environment.

The Convention is a public event and open to anyone wishing to learn more about accommodation options in their local community and the perfect opportunity for SIL and SDA providers to promote their organisation and accommodation vacancies. Local SDA and SIL providers will be on display expo style and the event will also feature 4 educational forums

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Wed 4th September 2019 - 10:00am to 3:00pm


Gold Coast Sport and Leisure Centre, 296 Nerang Broadbeach Rd, Carrara QLD



Support Coordination Forum
10:30am to 11:45am

Presented by Rollie Pontigon, General Manager Queensland for Plan Partners

About the Forum

Support coordination is a service which may be allocated on a participant’s NDIS plan to provide help to implement their plan and bring their goals to life. The NDIA allocates this service type, and the participant has a choice of support coordination provider.

What this statement means, is a support coordination service will assist a person and their family to understand their NDIS Plan, check on what supports in the community or what mainstream services such as education or health could help to meet their goals. The support coordinator will also assist the participant to look at how the funded supports on the plan can best be implemented, offering choice of service providers. Any points of crisis, the support coordinator would assist the person to identify how these can be resolved and assist to develop stability in the person’s life by helping to set up consistent services around the person, so goals can be achieved.

In this session you will learn practical ways to:

  • Understand Community and Mainstream Support
  • Connect with participants
  • Turn the NDIS plan into an Action plan
  • Link a participant with supports
  • Coach, refine and prepare for review
This session will be helpful for support coordinators however the information is also relevant for service providers who are wanting to increase their knowledge on the technical aspects of the NDIA and the support coordination role.

Specialist Disability Accommodation Stakeholder Forum - Housing Providers, Investors & Tenants
11:00am to 12:00noon

Lauren Ivanyi, Co-founder and Director of Disability Housing
Lauren represents Disability Housing Australia, as it’s Co-Founder & General Manager. Lauren has vast experience in business management and marketing, along with skills across the Disability Accommodation & Development Industry and real estate investment sector, with a combination of management, sales, research and marketing roles to name a few. DisabilityHousing.com.au was born as a solution to the disability housing market and aims to provide a platform for all stakeholders to receive service and information and, as an independent place for providers and participants to link together. Lauren’s vision for the disability housing industry is to bring together the needs of providers & participants and, to work towards equal opportunity, support and care for all. Lauren holds a double degree in International Business and Business Management.

About the Forum
Invest, Build, Link Live – How can SDA help you? Topics covered include:
  • What are the types of properties that the SDA market need? (a market overview)
  • How do I know what to build? (Cover SDA development guidelines, process for certification, building types/design levels)
  • What we do (tenant procurement, marketing your property, market data)
  • Different models for getting involved (invest, build or buy, or be your own SDA tenant & provider)
  • Q & A Session for Housing providers, builders, developers

Supported Independent Living Forum
12:45pm to 2:00pm

Presented by Susanna Penniket - Senior Manager NDIS Lifestyle Solutions
Over the last 15 years Susanna has managed Out of Home Care houses for Child Safety, and for 10 years had the privilege of working in the Disability Sector spending 7 of those years with Lifestyle Solutions in QLD.

During this time she has spent 18 months in NSW in a temporary role assisting customers with the NDIS role out across the Northern Rivers region and gained extensive working knowledge of the NDIS and how to best create opportunities for participants within the NDIA guidelines and their approved funding. Upon returning to QLD Susanna has been heavily involved in the set up of SIL homes, the development of SIL tools and improving the life of participants with SDA funding.

About the Forum

The forum aims to provide you a clear understanding of the process of acquiring funding for supported independent living and answer your specific queries.

Basics of Supported Independant Living funding

The process for acquiring SIL funding

Provider communication when a participant is in Supported Independant Living

Specialist Disability Accommodation Forum - Support Cordinators, Carers & Families
2:30pm to 3:45pm

Presented by Stephan Faichney State Leader, Lifestyle Solutions - QLD
Stephan has worked in the Disability sector since 2002. Stephan’s priorities are to ensure that the needs and dreams of people with disability and young people are at the core of all decisions that are made.With particular passion and experience within the employment, accommodation and commercial operations Stephan is focussed on quality strategic changes at a local level to meet the needs of the people they support. Currently focused on building sustainable commercial partnerships to increase the availability of homes in the SIL space as well as providing additional SDA and Short Term options has seen a continuous stream of available homes on offer.

About the Forum
The SDA forum will be presented in two parts:
  • Part One will address the basics of eligibility through an interactive session and demonstrated by examples.
  • Part Two will practically demonstrate what is involved in developing a housing plan as a team

The Lifestyle Solutions team recognises the challenges, barriers and potential rewards of transitioning to a new home. This forum aims to provide you with a practical understanding of eligibility and insights in to the SDA journey.

Specialist Disability Accommodation Forum - Occupational Therapists
2:30pm to 3:45pm

Presented by Emma Newby and Simone Burley of Summer Foundation
The Summer Foundation was established in 2006 by Di Winkler, an Occupational Therapist who has worked with people with severe brain injury for more than twenty years. Their Vision is that young people with disability and complex care needs will have inherent value as members of our society with access to a range of housing and support options that enhance health, wellbeing and participation. And their Mission To create, lead and demonstrate long-term sustainable changes that stop young people from being forced to live in nursing homes because there is nowhere else for them.

About the Forum

The SDA forum will include:

  1. Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Explained
  2. SDA Tools and resources: Exploring NDIS Housing options

This forum aims to provide you with a practical understanding of SDA eligibility and the participant housing pathway.

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Host a Table

The event will give your organisation the opportunity to promote your SIL and/or SDA services directly to the public, as well as Support Coordinators, Teachers, Case Coordinators, or other providers, and potentially connect to new business.

As a Table Host, you will be provided with a rectangle table and chairs in the expo section of the Convention, which you can decorate as you wish. It is free for the general public, Support Coordinators or similar to come along and gather information from all the SIL and SDA Table Hosts.

Bring along promotional brochures, promotional giveaways and business cards for at least 100 people. We will advise more accurate numbers closer to the time when we have a better indication of registration numbers. Also bring along a pull up banner (if you have one) to display behind your table. You can decorate your table in different ways such as balloons, decorative table cloths, flowers, chocolates, giveaways etc.

There is no limit to the number of representatives that attend from your team.

There will be a limit of 40 tables.

$500 (plus GST)

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