Why Become A Ready-Set-Connect Member?

Ready-Set-Connect Membership will help your organisation effectively connect to it’s target audience and work in collaboration with other Ready-Set-Connect Members in your community or across regions through three marketing platforms.

BOOSTED PRO App Subscription

Being a Ready-Set-Connect member provides FREE subscription to our new BOOSTED PRO App which is Nation-wide. The Boosted App provides the following benefits to your organisation:

  • A new and easy way to access new markets and build your client base
  • Allows new customers to be matched to your servicee
  • Sends alerts to your phone or computer notifying you of customers that are looking for support that match your registered services
  • Lead fees apply. To read more about our BOOSTED App please read more on our website http://www.onecommunity.net.au/Boosted or request a meeting by emailing boosted@onecommunity.net.au

Ready-Set-Connect Events

While Ready-Set-Connect Events are open to the public and are held face to face and virtually. Being a member provides the following benefits:

  • Early Ready-Set-Connect Event registration
  • Registrations will be open to members prior to opening to non-members
  • Discounted Ready-Set-Connect Event registration fee.
  • You will receive 30% off the event registration fee for all Ready-Set-Connect Events held in your membership region/s (for example, you pay $192.50* to host a table at an event, as opposed to $275*). * gst included

One Community Hub

  • Allows your organisation to be listed on our One Community Hub
  • Allows your organisation to have a direct contact attached to each service they provide
  • Allows your organisation to be promoted and advertised by One Community as an organisation that is active in their community
  • Gives your organisation the ability to have a database of networks in one central place that is updated for you
  • Allows people with a disability to connect with your organisation easily and quickly

Ready-Set-Connect Memberships are annual and take effect from the day of purchase. Pricing as follows

Ready-Set-Connect Membership Options

$ 605

1 Region

Add Regions for $220 each

BOOSTED PRO App for region

Hub Listing

Discounted Events

Early Event Registration


$ 990

All Regions in the State

Add Regions for $220 each

BOOSTED PRO App for state

Hub Listing

Discounted Events

Early Event Registration


$ 1540

Unlimited Regions

Includes all Regions

BOOSTED PRO App unlimited

Hub Listing

Discounted Events

Early Event Registration

Prices include GST.

For small business with staff under 5 please contact us for a discounted price info@onecommunity.net.au

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